terms of rent

  • Delivery: the delivery to the ferry is free. In case we have several deliveries at the same time we will pick up the drivers and drive them at our park (about 3 minutes from the ferry) to assign each car.
  • Driving license: you must have your license for more than 2 years and be at least 21 years old.
  • * Insurance: we have an all risk insurance from 10 € / 24h (depending on the type of vehicle) with deductible in option. We do not have any insurance without deductible.
  • Deposit: a deposit will be required at the departure of the vehicle.

  • Cabriolet: if a convertible vehicle is returned with the interior soaked (hood open during a rain episode) an amount of 100 € will be requested in compensation.
  • Cleaning: a cleaning fee of 50 € will be asked if the vehicle is returned with a large amount of sand.
  • 1 day free: the 7th day is free.
our options
  • Baby seat 5 €
  • All risk insurance with franchise
  • Mini portable shower (to remove the sand before entering the car) 50 € deposit
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